Gospel Reflection


This year we are encouraged to give the scriptures more of a place in our lives and to allow God’s Word to speak to us. This means opening our hearts to prayer and fully listening to what God says to us and how we are guided to see his presence in our busy lives. For centuries the Church has practised Lectio Divina praying the scriptures. A method which involves first reading through, then slowly  mulling  over or pondereding on the Word. Afterwards allowing them to seep into us. What images, feelings do they provoke and allowing these to be carried with us in our day. Going back to them at the end of the day and asking where was God’s Word in my day and what was he saying to me?

Try the following reflection


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Weekly Gospel reflection using the Sunday readings

What links the First Reading with the Gospel?


What is the Gospel message?


What did you hear in the Homily that helped you to understand and apply the Gospel?


What word or phrase from the Gospel stays with you?


How does this word or phrase spark something in your life (a memory, a song, a story, a friend, a relationship, an incident , a feeling ) and link it with your faith?



In prayer, ask what is it that God needs you to know from the word or phrase that stays with you? or is asking you to do?



What one thing can you do this week to live out YOUR message from the Gospel?


Other observations and Questions