Christian Unity Week 2020

As part of Churches Together in Putney and Roehampton, we will join together to celebrate Week of Prayer for Christian Unity by joining eachother in prayer and worship.

Monday 20th January    9.15am   All Saint’s Church

Tues 21st January         9am        St Joseph’s Church

Wed 22nd January        9.30am   St Mary’s Church

Thursday 23rd January  9.30am   St Margaret’s Church

Friday 24th January       9.30am   St Simon’s Church

Readings and quiet prayer arranged by the Sisters of the Convent of Franciscan Missionaries of Mary 

Saturday 25th January   9am   Holy Trinity

The God who speaks : The Year of The Word 2020

This is year we are encouraged to give the scriptures more of a place in our lives and to allow God’s Word to speak to us.   This means opening our hearts to prayer, fully listening to what God says to us and how we are guided to see his presence in our busy lives.   For more information go to

Glass Door Night Shelter:  This year, St Margaret’s, Putney are opening their doors and hosting Glass Door Night Shelter on Sunday evening , starting 17th November until 5th April 2020.  We are looking for volunteers to join a rota (commitment once a month).  If you can help, please contact the Parish Office.

Music at Mass:  If you would like to find out more about joining the choir or music-making at St Simon’s, please contact the Parish Office.

Mass Intentions: If you would like to book a Mass Intention, please take an envelope in the Porch or contact the Parish Office

Readers for Family Mass:  If your child would like to read at the monthly family mass.  Please contact

Marriage 2020 If you are planning to get married at St Simon’s or somewhere else in 2019, we ask that you arrange to meet with Canon Michael to arrange preparations.   Please note that six months notice will be required before the marriage.   Please contact the Parish Office.

Baptism 2020 If you would like your child to be Baptised in the Parish, please contact the Parish Office to arrange a meeting with Canon Michael.  Please note that at least two months notice is required.