Gift Aid

In order for the church to continue to do its works, it requires a regular income. By making a commitment to regular donations you can help the church continue to support its charities and Christian fellowship. You can do this either by using weekly giving envelopes or setting up a regular standing order. As a member of the congregation of this church, you will know how hard we work to ensure that every penny you give us goes as far as it can to meet Church expenses. Through Gift Aid, you can help us make your offerings go even further and it won’t cost you a penny!

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What is Gift Aid? – Gift Aid is Tax Efficient

Gift Aid is a Government scheme which allows charities to reclaim the basic rate of tax 20p from the Inland Revenue on every pound donated by UK taxpayers. This makes it more important than ever for our parisheners, whether donating to the Building Fund or making direct donations, to do so through the Gift Aid scheme.

For example, on a £100 donation we are eligible for an additional £28 through reclaiming the basic tax relief, at no extra cost to us or you. To qualify for Gift Aid you need be a UK tax payer, paying tax either through your wage or salary via your yearly self-assessment form each year, or on any taxable savings, for example a pension plan.

To donate through Gift Aid all you need to do is complete a form giving us your name, address and postcode and we do the rest. Just one declaration means that all offerings made over the past 6 years and any future offerings you make, will qualify for Gift Aid. It’s that simple.

Click here for Gift Aid Form

For further information speak to Mr Michael Cliff: 020 8789 1955

/ or contact the Parish Office