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Saints Name project we ask all candidates to provide a a brief outline of a life of a saint in their own words.Why they admire that particular saint and to highlight their qualities which could be relevant to them today. Say why they have chosen that saint as their patron and adopted their name for confirmation.This work should be given in a hard copy form on Monday 6th November or e-mailed to the Parish Office.

Reflecting on the Word. We ask candidates to listen to the readings at each Sunday mass to reflect on their message and that of the homily. What is God saying to me? What message do I take away from mass and how can I put this into action in daily life.

We ask candidates to present the reflection sheet each Monday as this is a sign of your commitment and this input will be an important part of the meeting.

Please copy the reflection sheet below each week.

Sunday Mass date/time ____________________


What is the theme of this Sunday’s Mass?

What links the First Reading with the Gospel?

What is the Gospel message?

What did you hear in the Homily that helped you to ‘get’ the Gospel?

What word or phrase stays with you?

How does it link with your life (a memory, a song, a story, a friend, a relationship, an incident)?

In prayer, ask what is it that God needs you to know?

What one thing can you do this week to live out YOUR message from the Gospel?

Observations and Questions