First Holy Communion

First Holy Communion Preparation: ‘I Belong’.


All meetings of children and parents take place in OLV School – 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Please enrol before 17th October.

Parents Introductory Meeting               Tuesday 1st November, 6.30pm

In the Name of the Father                      Tuesday 8th November

Enrolment Mass 10am St Simons          Saturday 12th November

Advent/Lord have Mercy                         Tuesday 22nd November

Gloria                                                         Tuesday 6th December

Celebrating our Rescue                           Tuesday 17th January

God helps me get it right                         Tuesday 31st January

Rehearsal for Sacrament of Reconciliation   Friday 3rd February, St Simons 6.30pm

Sacrament of Reconciliation                           Saturday 4th February 11am

Word of Life                                                       Tuesday 7th February

Bread to offer and fruit of the vine                  Tuesday 21st February

Do this in memory of me                                  Tuesday 7th March

Body of Christ                                                    Tuesday 21st March

Easter, Last Supper                                           Tuesday 4th April

Love and Serve the Lord                                   Tuesday 2nd May

Bringing our Faith Home                                   Tuesday 9th May

FIRST COMMUNION                  

Rehearsal                                                            Friday 12th May

First Communion Dates will be 13th and 14th May at 2pm

Parish Celebration Mass  9.30am                     Sunday 21st May