Documents Required.

1. A recent Baptismal Certificate, the one your parents received at your Baptism is not sufficient.

2. Letter of Freedom from parents or a member of your family. This should state that you are free to marry – not having been married before. If this is not the case we will advise you of the steps to take.

3. Confirmation Certificate – if this is not included on your Baptismal Certificate.

4. Permission to marry outside your parish. If St. Simon’s is not your parish, a letter from your local parish priest is required stating that he is happy for you to be married outside the area.

5. If you wish we will obtain certificates and permission for you.

Marriage Preparation Course

It is important for couples about to embark on Christian married life that they fully understand what this involves. The Southwark Dioceses, therefore, hold a series of days for Engaged Couples given by experience married couples, both Catholic and Mixed Religions, who give information and talk about growth in relationships and sexuality. These are both valuable and important so we strongly advise that you attend.

To book for one of these days you should contact Marriage & Family Life, 15 Ravenshead Close, South Croydon, CR2 8RL.
Tel: 020 8651 2477 – email: philand

read more on course dates

It is also necessary for you both to attend Mass at least six times here at St. Simon’s in order that you fully understand your faith and to give you a chance to get to know us and for us to know you. You may nominate two Faith Sponsors, who can support you before and after your wedding.

Marriage Registrar Office at Wandsworth

It is your responsibility to obtain the licence for marriage in the Church. Telephone number of registrar: 020 8871 6120. This Licence must be lodged with the Church two weeks before the wedding.

If you wish to engage a singer for your wedding David Hoyland will probably be able to help with this. British Actors’ Equity Rates apply to all musicians. Note: if you wish to video the Wedding, fees for the performers will be increased. Wedding Rehearsala can take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday by arrangement. Please make your own arrangements regarding florist, there are pleny of them in the area. If are going to remove the flowers after your wedding, please let us know inadvance so that our flower arrangers can ensure that the church is not left without floral decoration.

photographers are allowed in the Church during the service but please let us know inadvance.